(406) 897-2850

1107 9th St. West (aka Hwy 2) Columbia Falls, MT 59912



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We are located at 1107 9th St. West (aka US Highway 2) in Columbia Falls, on the way to Glacier National Park. Look for our sign on the North side of the road, just east of the light at 12th Avenue and the State Farm Insurance Agency. If traffic is thick, feel free to turn at the light on 12th and come into our parking lot through the paved alley behind State Farm Insurance Agency.

Backslope Brewing is committed to supporting our community through charitable giving. If your organization is interested in applying to be a beneficiary of one of our community nights please download and fill out our Community Night Application Form. For any other requests please fill out our Donation Request Form. If you have questions please email us at info[at]backslopebrewing.com.

If you have truly pressing questions that simply can’t wait, or if you don’t want a digital record of your query floating around on the internet for all eternity, you can call us on our old fashioned land line telephone: (406) 897-2850.